Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheez Whiz, Christmas and my Schedule

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and in thinking about foods I won't likely have in El Salvador, decided that I'd really like a little Cheez Whiz.  I wheeled my cart to the peanut butter aisle and discovered with horror, that there was no Cheez Whiz at all on the shelf  only the store brand.  As I went around the next aisle there was store employee who I stopped to ask if there might be any Cheez Whiz in the back.  The employee turned out to the store manager, who explained me that there was no Cheez Whiz at any of the Sobey's stores in Waterloo Region.  He also shared that there was also a Region wide shortage of white chocolate chipits.  At that moment, it occurred me again, how incredibly blessed with abundance we are, that the only two things that the grocery store has run out of, aren't really real food anyway!

It is interesting how many things I am noticing this year for the first time.  For example,  I have been struck by how many times in the Christmas story angels are telling people "Do not be afraid".  In all of the years that I have read or heard the Christmas story, I have never noticed this.  While I have an unwavering sense of calmness about my sojourn to Central America, every so often the enormity of the change that is about to take place in my becomes real.  In those moments fear and anxiety can creep into my psyche.  God's commitment to be ever present is continually retold throughout the Christmas story and in fact the whole Bible.

Thanks everyone who has found my blog and sent me good wished for my journey.  I wish you all a festive, fun and meaningful Christmas, with whomever you are spending it. 

At the moment, I have chosen Wednesday as my blogging day, so I'll do a new post at least once a week.
Many of you have asked for my schedule for the next few weeks so that you can follow along.  Here it is:

Dec 24-28  Christmas with family
Dec 31 Moving Day - belongings to storage, me to friends for a few days and then with family for a couple of days
Jan 4-Jan16 - Orientation to Global Service Work in Scarborough
Jan 17-Jan 20- Time with Family
Jan 21- Fly to Mexico City
Jan 23- Begin language school in Cuervaca, Mexico
Feb 25 - Finish language school
Feb 26- Fly to El Salvador

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look I'm a Blogger!

Hi everyone! I am sitting here with my friend Cheryl (otherwise known as my "blogging coach"). She is helping me to learn how to this on my very own laptop.  Thanks to my friend Dawn who accompanied me to make this purchase.  All of  this is once again proving that while I am "computer dumb" I am highly educatable.

This week has continued to be very busy.  However, as the temperature drops outside and there is lots of snow on the ground, moving to Central America is seeming like a better and better solution!  This week I have received information from the trainers looking after the Canadian component of my preparation (Jan 4-17).  There will be 18 of us from across Canada and the United States, gathered for two weeks in Scarborough.  The participants will be going on assignment in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and I think Asia.

I have also received information from the language school I'll be attending in Cuernavaca, Mexico (Jan 21-Feb 25). Cuernavaca is called the "City of Eternal Spring" because the temperature is so temperate year round.  Wish me luck, I have to complete  an on-line Spanish exam, so that they can determine my learning needs.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and I'll keep you posted on my new adventures.